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wtorek, 5 stycznia 2016

Fleet Commander – Genesis Kickstarter startuje 11 stycznia

Chcemy poinformować, że firma Capsicum Games 11 stycznia rozpoczyna zbiórkę na Kickstarterze. Celem jest ufundowanie gry Fleet Commander - Genesis. Ma być to wersja standardowej gry, ale przeznaczona dla dwóch do czterech graczy. W przeszłości zrecenzowaliśmy dwie gry tej firmy: Siggil oraz Speakeasy. Poniżej oficjalna informacja w języku angielskim:

Capsicum Games announces a Kickstarter campaign starting on January 11, 2016 at 11:11am PST (20h11 Paris Time) for the game "Fleet Commander - Genesis", the 2 to 4 players version of Fleet Commander, as well as the expansions "Salvation" and "Avatar."

Fleet Commander is a space battle game with miniatures. Very easy to learn, it is yet intensely tactics. Featuring an original dice system, it offers exceptional replayability and an immediate pleasure to play. "Fleet Commander 1 - Ignition", the version for 2 players, was released in November 2014 and received a warm welcome from gamers with the notes of 85/100 on Trictrac and 8,36/10 on Board Game Geek.

  • "Fleet Commander - Genesis" contains the equivalent of two boxes of "Fleet Commander 1 - Ignition" plus one expansion "Beyond the Gate" (released in October 2015), that is to say 32 miniatures and 36 dice, with improved material including 50 tiles to build the game boards.
  • "Salvation" is an expansion that introduces technical support ships, new terrains, scenarios and a campaign builder.
  • "Avatar" is an expansion that will allow players to add to their fleet heavy battleships and commanders giving bonuses during the battle. It also contains new terrains and special weapons.

3 levels of pledge will be available:

  • Explorer backers at this level will be allowed to freely choose among the expansions and optional buys proposed during the campaign.
  • Officer backers at this level will receive a game box "Fleet Commander - Genesis" and all the associated stretch goals.
  • Admiral backers at this level will receive a game box "Fleet Commander - Genesis", the two expansions "Salvation" and "Avatar”, an exclusive campaigns book and all the associated stretch goals.
An "Early Bird" of the Admiral pledge will be also proposed to a lower amount.

Fleet Commander - Genesis, Salvation and Avatar are fully compatible with all the Fleet Commander games already released. The delivery date of the rewards is estimated for the end of 2016.

Capsicum Games is a board game publisher based in Paris since 2013. He has published Siggil, Speakeasy and the entire Fleet Commander range.

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